Welcome to Women In Finance

Women in Finance is a non-profit organisation promoting women within business, and assisting in the empowerment of women and all small businesses particularly, but not exclusively with regards to financial literacy and finances.

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Women in Finance, while being a women-centered organisation, understands the value which men have contributed to the industry, and therefore promotes a more gender balanced approach in their interventions.

Women in Finance has been formed with a view to carrying out the objectives laid in terms of the Financial Sector Charter and the policies which have been promoted by Department of Trade and Industry in terms of the support for creation of women-owned SMMEs.

What is BizVault

Small- to medium-sized businesses are very different to their larger, broader, more complex corporate counterparts. As the major decision-maker behind your SMME, you probably know this better than anyone else.

For a start, smaller organisations have access to fewer resources, require simpler systems and above all: need SMME-specific information, technologies and business tools. Often, however, there aren’t many of those out there.


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South Africa ’s rapidly evolving business community is seeing greater numbers of small businesses emerging than ever before. However, the reality is that most of these companies don’t make it past their first two years because their owners don’t have the practical skills or support needed to sustain and grow their businesses.

Unfortunately, enthusiasm is no substitute for entrepreneurial know-how and the reality is that not everyone is a natural entrepreneur and even experience in the corporate environment is no guarantee that one has the right skills to run a successful business. Clearly, there is a great need for entrepreneurs to learn these skills, but one of the major challenges small business owners face is taking time off work for training.